Snowite Projection Screen on the Colored Glaze Pagoda of Nanjing Grand Gratitude Temple

   Great gratitude temple is located in Nanjing Qinghai district the outside, is the longest in the history of Chinese Buddhist temple, is China's second after Luoyang white horse temple, is also set up the first Buddhist temple in southern China, the Buddhist center of China.

    Great gratitude temple coloured glaze pagoda is as high as 78.2 meters, is the world's miracle in the history of architecture, at the top of the seven wonders of the world of the middle ages. It was regarded by         westerners as a symbol of China.

   In 2015, we spent more than one year working on the Nanking temple project.

    As one of the top bright spots of Jingling Great gratitude temple, the whole screen project is provided by Shenzhen snow screen. There are 29 pieces electric screens of 300 inches custom around the tower!

   Due to the tower structure is complex, to achieve a better effect of projection at the same time does not affect the construction overall appearance. We adopted the electric screen, it can be more convenient to operate, at the same time to take up space.

    There no affect the overall appearance of the building when the screen was collected.

     After the project is finished, the test result is completely imagination, which makes the projection effect more perfect in the whole, and it will not affect the overall appearance of the tower after the projection is closed.

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