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Website: search by Snowhite Projection Screen
Website: search by Snowhite Projection Screen

1. The screen is consist of integral casing, retracted power system, lifter and speed automatic controller;
2. The using of retracted power system makes the cable retracting & opening comply with the screen sychronously, which makes sure the cable safety;
3. The lifter system is consist of lifting motor and lifting steel belt. To make the lifter working (up/down)stable and sample, the unique customized steel belt is used. This also solved the problem that the two tightwire on each side will not working synchronously, when the tightwire are not retracted well, which will affect the using of the screen.
4. The product is for ultra high installations, for safety, we add the extra speed automatic controller, which increased the security.
5. Ideal for ultra high installation, such as hotel, banquet hall, large venue, church, large meeting room etc.
6. Flexible white fabric, 1.25 gain, 140 angle, GB/T13982-2011 Flame rating, RoHs, 0.42±0.02mm, water/neutral cleaner cleanable, PVC composite   layer, embossed surface.



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