Holographic Projection, who can’t love?!

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The holographic projection completes the task of bringing virtual character to people. Not only can the projection be realized, it can also interact with people.
The holographic projection has been developed to this day and has been understood by more and more people. From the Hatsune Miku, the virtual idol, which is familiar to the otaku, to "resurrection" Teresa Teng and Jay Chou in the air, there are also 2015 Spring Festival Gala by holographic projection on the stage of four Li Yuchun and so on.

Advantage of the veil curtain screen
1. The biggest advantage of veil curtain screen is that it can be transparent, in the high transmittance can ensure that the picture is still beautiful, colorful and full.
2. The veil curtain screen itself is light and thin, the installation way is not limited, can disperse also can be discounted; can be made into various adornment curtain.
Now the veil curtain screen holographic projection is more and more commercial and adopted, such as changing the traditional wedding into holographic wedding, the performance stage 
and so on. These not only lead to the pursuit of high quality of life, but also make the market demand have new target.

The holographic projection can let the viewer see the 3D virtual characters only using their own eyeballs.
The silver tiger's 3D holographic technique is a mid-air image that levitated three-dimensional images in real time, create the illusion also real atmosphere, the effect is strange, have intense deep feeling, true false difficult to argue.
The combination of image and object can be realized in the form of aerial illusion.

The holographic projection can also be combined with body feel or radar to interact with the audience.
And the Snowhite Screen had the same veil curtain screen. Compared with the 3D effect that the public pursues, it’s more novel and different. Viewers can see objects on the back of the screen through the veil. It can be used for secondary imaging and more permeable than the traditional projection screen. It can reveal the characters or space environment hidden in the back after the veil curtain screen, thus making it easy to perform the fantasy virtual scene

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