Starting from technical standard, What is real 4K

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Regarding 4K, it’s always a hot topic between manufacturer and end-users. But what’s 4K, 4 k refers to the 3840 x2160 or 4096 x2160 resolution, singal width less than 3840l cannot be called 4 k, as well as singal height less then 2160. It has also differences between differenct 4K singal, such as frequency is 30 hz or 60 hz, YUV or RGB color space, etc., especailly when they played on quality equipments, we will get a very clear comparasion on images. 
Frame frequency:30 Hz or 60Hz
Based on HDMI  1.4 standard the max is 30Hz, that’s to say, the image transmission will be 30 frames per second, while the HDMI 2.0 is twice of HDMI 1.4.Thus the images quality adn details will be better then 1.4 standard, better picture fluent. Based on fast-moving perspective, the ghosting of 60 frames  is far less then 30 frames, it means people will get a close-to-real world images.
The difficult of 4K 60Hz is data processing. It has a big data volume(594MHz) and high bandwidth while ordinay 1920*1080 60Hz is just 148MHz, so it has a high demand on signal transmission and processing.
Color space 4:4:4 or 2:2:2
Now more manufacturer is emphasize their color space is 4:4:4, but what’s this?
Actually, it’s a essential parameter for 4K. The most applications are RGB and YUV format, they are a kind of YUV color coding. YUV can convert to RGB model as well as RGB covert to YUV. The represent of RGB is rd, green and blue, YUV represents signal luminance and the color difference signal between U and V.
First, we come to YUV, 4:4:4, representing the YUV the three sampling way to store, in addition to 4:4:4, there are 4:2:2, 4:2:0, 4:1:1 formats. In brief, the 4:4:4 signal is lossless, more abundant information, better picture color,  but has a high requirment for storage space and transmission bandwidth .To save bandwidth and storage space, the color will be compressed in the rest 3 ways.
Compared with RGB, YUV compression way has the congenital advantage, it can separate the outline and color information, compressed color only, and not affect the contour. As shown in the above, Y signal is Luma, represents the brightness information, intuitive, is the outline. Whether 4:2:2 4:2:0 or 4:1:1, luminance Y corresponding is 4, that is to say not to compress contour information, but color information--in the image above Chronma represent the U and V signal.The compressed RGB trichromatic signal was more easily influence contour clarity.Compressed YUV color is really a cost-effective way of compression, but with the continuous development of technology and improvement of the demand of the audience, YUV4: 4:4 began more and more.
Summary: Due to different parameter standard, there different definition of 4K. Now, we define 60Hz 4:4:4 4K and true 4K. With the development of AV field, there will be more and more display devices and signal processing equipment can reach this standard.
SNOWHITE Nano 4K Frame Screen
1. 160 degrees of (2α), (2α) close to 180 degrees, gain 1.3 (1.5), polarization, imaging high brightness, not dazzling, reflective downy.
2. The fabric resolution 125 lines/ mm, far higher than GB/T13982-2011 movie screens resolution 80 lines/mm or standard, true HD.
3.In 360 ~ 650 nm visible light band reflectance is as high as 94% or above, primary colors exquisite picture.
4. Antistatic, UV resistance, no radiation, anti-aging, long service life.Using environmental protection material, after processing with nanotechnology based on suitable for act.
5. Suitable for different areas of demand, such as: home theater, small theater, entertainment, etc.
Core technology:
Ramification of nanostructures of rare metal crystal structure, particle size of about 485 nanometers, surface area increases, the increase in the number of atomic number each grain surface, make the absorbance super.
It is consist of multilayer optical materials, light with three colors wavelengths are scattered in the level, which can expand the viewing Angle, good view feature.The three primary colors wavelength light to hang down, almost no color migration.Improve the color, vivid image.

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