How to make a living room cinema at home

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      If you don’t have a independent AV room, but expecting to experience a private home cinema, how we can make it true?

A dark tonal decoration style
      Using deep color wall painting to reduce the reflection of ambient light, ensure the projection image quality on the fabric
Choose a more comfortable sofa
      Compared with cinema sofa, it’s hardly for us to have the same feeling with ordinary sofa. So, just improve your sofa to cinema sofa, you will get a more comfortable feeling and experience a cinema-like atmosphere. Just keep the sofa in front of the projection screen same as the position you choose when watch a movie in the cinema. In cinema, the projection screen position is below our eye sight, to reach this, we can just make our sofa a little big higher, approx 6’’, we can just build a 6’’ height platform to make this come true.

Flue light

      We know it’s very dark in the cinema, but with some special light decoration, we can get a wonderful aesthetic feeling. So, we can do at home as well by adding some light decoration in living room or some emotional wall lamp etc. If it allows, we can add some intelligent control light etc, that would be great!
Add a thick lightproof curtain

      That’s right, a thick lightproof curtain will make you just a cinema-like feel during the movie. It block the ambient light outside as well as soundproof, allow a reverberation control.

Will the hidden speakers be more beautiful?
      In the cinema, you can see none of the AV equipment, all of them is hidden installation. Just try this at home.

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