A new weapon of the living room theater---Snowhite Anti-light Screen

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              Living Room Theater? Why the home theater is in the living room? It is best to set up a studio in an independent room. But after all, many people have a limited housing area, and the first-tier cities are very limited of the space. Select the living room which the family living space as the cinema environment also the last resort. We can only make some compromises. And that is the general situation at home, so Living Room Theater will become more and more popular, summary rises the living room cinema to have a brilliant future.

              For the middle class, the living room can't be as black as the independent movie room. In my own experience, the viewing experience in the living room will not be affected by the lack of the environment. And independent audiovisual room, also want to decorate all four sides to be gray black, ability achieves full black screening effect. Relatively speaking, I likes in the sitting room which the sunshine can shine in, general ventilated good, sweet and have "home feeling" to see a movie more. So, I am a big supporter of the "living room party".

              A home theater is a place where a person, or a couple, and a maximum of three or five friends, share and feel the movie together. First the family, then the cinema. And the living room, not only the space is the biggest, and the privacy is the lowest, whether to watch a movie, or listen to music, is the most suitable place in the home.

              As a dark horse in the screen, the snowhite anti-light screen, according to the special optical structure, effectively absorbs about 90% of the ambient light to restore the most realistic projection color.
              It is a revolutionary product developed with the ultra short projector. The projected distance is 35 to 60 cm, and the picture can reach 80 inches, allowing you to enjoy the big screen gently. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, making the screen have the best contrast effect, so that you no longer need to turn off the light when projecting, even during the day, you can enjoy the visual impact of the large screen.

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