The huge 3D metal transparent screen meet the requirements of meeting room perfectly

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On the chairman stage of the conference room of the entrepreneurship building in ningxiang economic development zone in changsha, a seven-meter-long film curtain was hung for the party background, film appreciation and propaganda documentary play.

With the expansion in the meeting room, 7 meters projection screen already cannot satisfy the publicity of the whole conference, after consultation, final the SNOWHITE adopted 11 meters overlength electric under screen with 3D metal transparent screen to realize perfect show. The snow SNOWHITE 3D metal transparent screen is based on vinyl material, soft and elastic, so that the screen can be hung horizontally.

Even good punch, speaker equipment can be hidden on the back of the curtain, in ensuring the sound in different position of the curtain can be unhindered transmission at the same time, also achieved better video linkage effect.

The high-gain metal coating on the curtain surface compensates the influence of the hole, and also improves the reflectivity and color reducing of the curtain.

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