Snowhite ALR Screen helps the Beijing Zhi Hao Le Education Research Institute, showing the perfect visual experience.

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  In 2017, home theater system is popular in the home appliance market. Snowhite ultra short throw ALR screen has also entered into thousands of homes. And it has a large number of fans with its good anti-environment light, high color reduction and large visual angle. Then, as the biggest education teaching profession in the projection industry, Snowhite is of course in great efforts to develop and improve, and has achieved gratifying achievements. Recently, the Snowhite nanometer grey ALR screen together with the Guang Feng ultra short throw projector is a perfect visual experience for Beijing Zhi Hao Le Education Research Institute.

    As we know, The Snowhite ultra short throw ALR screen is usually mounted on a desktop projector, which eliminates the room from the ceiling and ambient light interference. The Snowhite nanometer grey ALR screen once again shocked the audience with the perfect effect when the scene required the lifting of 3 Guang Feng ultra short throw projectors.

   Compared with the traditional lifting projector, the super short focus projector can influence the projection effect while saving space and reducing human factors, also guaranteed the overall effect of aesthetics. The projected area of 9000*1870mm provides sufficient display support for the three projector fusion images. The area can also be adjusted according to the requirements. The frame structure is easy to assemble or disassemble, and the black flannelette is more elegant and elegant.

Product Features:
·         2 Times View Angle: 160 degree, close to 180 degree, Gain: 1.3 (peak 1.5), not polarized light, high image brightness, not dazzling, reflective soft.
·         The fabric resolution: 125 line pair/mm, which is much higher than GB/T13982-2011 the screen solution of the movie is equal to 80 line pair/mm standard, Real HD.
·         The reflectivity of the optical band between 360 and 650nm is as high as 94%, the original color is reproduced, the image is transparent and the picture is exquisite.
·         Antistatic, anti-UV, radiation free, anti-aging, long service life.
·         Using environmental protection materials, the nanometer technology is used to deal with the fabric base.
Suitable for different areas of demand, such as: home theater, small cinema, entertainment place, etc.

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