Happy fifteen years birthday! We will stand together regardless of situation.

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From Sept. 9th 2002 to Sept. 9th 2017,
Fifteen years, we start from zero,
To nine offices in the country, two international departments, three subsidiaries.
SNOWHITE always adhere to [make the view different],
Provide screen solutions for individuals and businesses.
In these fifteen years,
We have experienced confusion and frustration.

In these fifteen years,
We have also had successes and gains.
After the fifteen years passed,
In the harvest September,
The Snowhite screen celebrates her fifteenth birthday.
Thanksgiving, we have you in 5475 days.
Sept. 9th 2002
Shenzhen head office was established
In May 2004,
All nine major offices in China have been established.
In February 2009,
Set up Snowhite audio-visual branch.
In November 2014,
Set up Savicto branch.
We stood together regardless of situation in the past fifteen years.

SNOWHITE welcomed the founder, the investor, the leader, the genius, the expert and etc.
We provided quality projection screen for thousands of households across the country.
In the past fifteen years horse galloping,
The snowhite screen was first passed in the global projection industry,
ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, EU CE certification,
ROSH certification, FCC certification, ETL certification,
National high-tech enterprises certification and etc.

The Snowhite screen provides you:
Living room cinema system
Home theater screen
Ball/grand screen cinema system
3D cinema system
Oversize engineering screen customization
More quality screen solutions for you to experience
The Snowhite ball cinema system
In the past fifteen years Nirvana reborn.

Let us do better in the future.


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