The most Original projection

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In the Britain's Got Talent 2013, an alternative dance performed by eight dancers, projection dance show. The three-and-a-half minute dance was performed by eight dancers. Showing a pair of lovers from acquaintance to love, marry and have children and the husband enlisted, died, and the wife carried the flowers in the cemetery with her young daughter by shadow. Many netizens said that tears fell down after watching them quietly, which was really shocking.

What is a projection dance? It is the light that casts the shadow of the actor onto the curtain. Actors complete a series of plot performances by controlling the shadow. This dance is novel and unique.

Usually the venue must have a white curtain. You can also use a ready-made projection screen. But it's usually more expensive. A common light and light curtain can be. By setting different types of light sources, create different fantasy shapes by working with actors, props can also be used appropriately, at present, the combination of popular multimedia.

The principle of this projection dance is similar to that of our rear projection soft screen. This fabric is not a surface coating; it’s a special type of PVC that has a thickness, there is a lot of stereo, quality fully. Known as the DLP in the screen, it is the first choice for the highest screen.

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