The Visual Impact Of The Dome Screen Film

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The ball-screen film originated from military application.
In the second world war, the image of enemy aircraft was projected onto the dome screen for air defense training.
In the 1970s, it developed into a dome, the screen was spherical, the audience was surrounded, and the screen was like the sky.
The SNOWHITE dome screen theater adopted a 3-meter-20 meter and a half spherical screen, which presents a large area of the image.
In the view of the audience, the audience is full of supersized images, with the fish-eye movement shooting, the audience has experienced the extreme shock and vertigo of the earth and earth, the earth shaking.

 Why does the movie have a strong visual impact?
Ball screen film in addition to using the huge dome screen and "wavy ring" screening technology, the main is taken and screening process adopts a kind of special ultra wide Angle lens called fisheye lens.
Fisheye lens with fish eyes, wide vision, perspective effect is good, long depth of field, use the images from the lens reflects, fills the entire screen, a dramatic appeal and visual impact.

Nowadays, some of the movies are played through the switch, which is that the original film is shot, and then it's played in the form of a dome screen.
The position slope of the snowhite dome screen cinema is adjustable, and the inclination of the back of the chair varies with the position of the front and back, so as to create an environment for the audience to look up to the sky.

You'd think it wasn't a movie, but a submarine adventure, a spaceship ride in space...

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