More and More Popular 3D Holographic Projection Technology

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With the development of technology and the constant pursuit of innovation, the application of 3D holographic projection technology is more and more extensive. In science fiction movies, 3D holographic projection technology can display distant people or objects in the air. How is it realized? Snowhite tells you that not achieved by digital technology. Instead, the projection device projected different angles to the holographic projection film, enabling you to see other images that are not your own angle, so as to achieve the true 3D holographic stereoscopic image.


     The 3D holographic projection system can display the 360 degree of the picture in the air. It can be viewed in an all-round way. It is more intense and profound. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false. For example, the application of holographic projection technology on the stage, real people and illusory people play the same stage, giving people new visual feelings.


     The holographic interactive projection system captures and captures the specified target by inductor device, and then analyzes it with the image analysis system, so as to generate capture action, make the interaction between the visitors and the virtual influence, and give the audience a magic feeling of tricks.


180 degree holographic projection imaging, 270 degree holographic projection, 360 degree holographic projection and phantom imaging of the four 3D holographic projection classification, of which 180 degree holographic projection without wearing 3D glasses can see objects floating in the air, seems to touch the size, flexible and convenient installation, content diversity. 270 degree holographic projection, which contains information about the size, shape, brightness and contrast of the recorded object, provides parallax. The observer can see it through different angles, like being on the stage. 360 degree holographic projection can view images from multiple angles. The 360 degree levitation image is composed of thematic model scene, modeling lighting system, optical imaging system, video broadcasting system, computer multimedia system, sound system, control system and so on.


Phantom imaging: phantom imaging virtual imaging, the captured images projected onto the entity model, display content more hit off, impress people. The feature is: the vivid picture, without any equipment can achieve a false effect.

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