Hollywood blockbusters in 2018

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The strain arrived at the terminal in 2017,2018 is coming and times was always sliping away.
1.star wars 8 is in the Jan,5,2018

2.Mobile labyrinth 3: death antidote is in the Jan,26,2018

3.Panther is in the Feb.16.2018

4.Ancient tomb raider:a war of origin is in the Mar.16.2018

5.Circum pacific 2: thundering is in the Mar.23.2018

6.Number one player is in the Mar.30.2018

7.X war police: new mutants is in the Apr.13.2018

8.Avenger alliance 3 is in the May.4.2018

9.Star Wars Gaiden: Thoreau is in the May.25.2018

10.Deadpool 2 is in the June.1.2018

11.Superman mobilization 2 is in the June.15.2018

12.Jurassic world 2 is in the June.22.2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp is in the July.16.2018

Aleta: Battle angel is in the July.20.2018

15.Mission impossible 6 is in the July.27.2018

16.X war police: black phoenix is in the Nov.2.2018

17.Where is the magical animal 2 is in the Nov.16.2018

18.spiderman:a new era is in the Dec.14.2018

19.dominant sea power is in the Dec.21.2018

20.Bumblebee is in the Dec.21.2018

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