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Dear old and new customers:

Hello!2017 hurried through, the 2018 has arrived, in this at the start of a New Year, snow projection display technology co. general
manager Zhang xuefei of carrying all the staff always support snow projection to the development of new and old customers
to express our sincere thanks to the!
Thank you for your great support to our company for many years!Wish the new and old customers
and the service in the audio-visual projection industry of our colleagues happy New Year!
Family happiness!Business is booming!Good health!

In 2017, is a key period of snow projection comprehensive and rapid development, in this years, great changes have taken place in the
snow projection, we built in anhui branch of the official to fall to the ground and put into production in 18 years.
The snow projection focuses
more on developing products that are more closely related to the market, not only introducing the "anti-light curtain", but also introducing more
and more new ideas of the projection curtain products.
Projection of progress since its inception, the snow is closely connected with the masses
of customers, "shenzhen high-tech enterprise" of the selection, evaluation of the national high and new technology enterprise ", "2017 outstanding
case award", "2017 annual projection screen brand award" honor and qualification of witness the growth of white snow projection footsteps,
we work together with you, rely on sincerity and diligence, written one after another new chapter!

Partners are the most cherished.To be successful, we should be grateful and follow the path of win-win cooperation.
A grateful heart is a shortcut to cooperation and a catalyst for win-win progress.In the past, present and future, we will serve you with a sincere and grateful heart.
We understand that every improvement and success achieved by the snow projection can't be achieved without your attention, trust, support and participation.
Your understanding and trust is a powerful driving force for our progress. Your care and support are the inexhaustible source of our growth.
Every time you take part, every suggestion, we get excited and push us to forge ahead.With you, we have a steady flow of confidence and strength.With you,
our business can thrive and prosper.

In the midst of the pursuit of years of exploration, we rely on high quality, differentiated products, excellence professionalism, with everyone to snow projection
products and services sincere trust and met the man of insight, services a large number of loyal customers, this is our most proud, the most valuable harvest

My heartfelt thanks to you for your support and help!In the next years, hope to be able to continue to get your care and support, we will continue to provide you
high quality products and services,will also continuously improve and perfect product quality, strengthen and improve after-sales service system,
to ensure to provide you with high quality and efficient products and services, to achieve mutual benefit mutually beneficial win-win purpose.

In the face of challenge, we are a long way, looking to the future, we will continue efforts, continuous innovation, wholeheartedly for the general customers
to provide more and better integration of projection display products and the best quality service.
Please continue to follow our latest developments.
We also look forward to working with you and creating brilliant future in the future.


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