The New Movie "Secret Superstar"showed again Amir khan is the "conscience of India"

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Last year's "wrestling, dad" was definitely a black horse, and the film was a hit on the first day of the movie, with a reputation for exploding.
It also took an astonishing $1.3 billion in China domestically, setting a record for Indian films.

With his superb acting and noble professional ethics, the Indian actor has conquered the global audience, and his name has become synonymous with the "Indian conscience movie". 
And this year, he has brought a new one, focusing on women's rights and continuing to speak out for Indian women.
“Secret Superstar”.

Film's story is not complicated, is about a girl who only 14 years old Indian Yin Xiya, break the family disruption and social discrimination against women in India, brave to pursue singing inspirational story.
The story takes place in a small town in India, where Yin is a natural singer.
She has a gift for music, she often sings for her classmates, and music is everything to her.
But that dream is almost impossible for a traditional Indian family like Yin.
Yin was born in a feudal Indian family, and her father had the highest power in the family.

Her father had a deeply rooted preference for boys, believing that women could only be attached to men --
A woman should marry early, have a child, and live a lifetime.
In India, women have very low social status, especially in many traditional families.

Encouraged by her mother's great and enduring love, Yin began to sing with her face covered.
She took her own songs, filmed them video, and uploaded them to the Internet, where she became a mysterious superstar.

It is also because of the popularity of the song that she has attracted the attention of the famous music producer shakti kumar (amil khan).
He is a controversial musician, and after enjoying the talent of the heroine on the Internet, he became Yin xiya's bole and spiritual adviser.
With the help of uncle Michael's bole, Yin shiya regained her confidence and began to dream of music.

The standard narration with the most relaxed entertainment and the consistent background color of the amir khan film reveals profound social problems.
Like "wrestling, dad", "the mystery star" is also consciously thinking about the social status of Indian women.
India has a huge population base and a very feudal and backward concept, which makes India and China have similar national conditions in many times.
And Indian filmmaker's dare to take the spirit, let them always be able to show the reflection on the social problem in the film.

The film's heroine, Yin xiya, is in the process of pursuing her dream, and the biggest obstacle is undoubtedly the image of her father, who is a cruel and cruel feudal man.
Women are the biggest blip in this movie.
The film leaves the main part of the drama to the heroine and her mother, and with the great and hidden maternal love to promote the heroine to pursue the dream of the spiritual awakening.

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