Look !That's the difference between movie theater and home theater

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In the last two years, all areas have been depressed, but the movie industry is very popular.The domestic film market is also the same, with the surging ticket booking APP making it very cheap to watch movies, and the lowest possible price is 9.9 yuan for a movie.

So "why would you want to build a home theater at home?"That's a good question, so I want to tell you why.

Happened to WeChat  moment regrets: a friend in the circle of friends is just want to quiet to see a movie, the results show the right of the couples conjugal love, on the left side of the uncle snoring, small, she shouted at the front of the back of aunt on the phone, you are surrounded by an appointment to me?Above is the basic commercial theaters real viewing environment, and to remember a commercial cinemas with basic had come across such a case, this is not all, also some of the public to see a movie very anxious, mobile phone to the screen picture strength, bright screen makes you think that cell phone at the concert.And commercial theaters staff is also wish film soon after, the end theme song rang, headlight must be open, poor many movie producers in trailers and song audience is likely not see nor hear.
However, with a home theater, you don't have to be bothered by this kind of movie-watching environment.

Viewing effect

Finished viewing environment, and then look at the viewing effect, many commercial cinemas viewing effect can only be used to measure mark, first of all, from the vision because of the consideration of operating costs, so a lot of commercial cinemas screening brightness is far lower than the standard, especially when the 3 d film, a lot of you can't see the film should show the color level, not to mention some theatrical video projection equipment is a basic factory default Settings, the lack of professional maintenance, plus staff is not professional, cause commercial cinemas just can see clearly in the majority of the image.And the film needs the most immersive sense of the surrounding sense, which is far from the American cinema.

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