The 26th Shanghai international advanced hi-fi presentation completed successfully!

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What's your friend circle these days?Is it an exciting parade in the sea?Or the boao meeting in hainan?Whatever it is, it's something to be proud of.
                                                                         But i would like to say The 26th Shanghai international advanced hi-fi presentation.

This kind of audio-visual festival  Snowhite company
definetely took part in it , and the elite team  brought our fabulous  and popular prouduct - Ultra Short Thorw ALR light projection Screen . Let us see their amazing report from   .
This knid of the screen is asome , right?

Every angle it can hold it.

Look , here are so many peole asking the our screen.
Even in the corridor still have plenty people .

Above is the report from team, if you want to experience this audio-visual feast you  can focus on us , we are in the next few months will show several similar activities ! We will also invite you to enjoy the visual impact of our "snowhite " together!

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