360 Degree Cinema System

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Product Overview

360 degree screen cinema system is consisted of multiple projectors, which is of a 360-degree-radius system. Due to its large screen radius and 360 degree closed, when standing in the center of the screen, the spectators' visual is completely surrounded, in the meantime, along with surround stereo system, it allows visitors to experience a highly immersive three-dimensional and get a highly immersive visual environment, which we can't get from the traditional projection screen,

Product Features

360 degree screen is of wide-visual, 360 degree spatial imaging performance, which is stereoscopic sensation; its high-tech presentation for projection image makes it fashion and shock.
It has a good mechanical properties, thermal expansion coefficient(six powers of defeats), heat distortion temperature(above 100 degrees Celsius), high tensile strength; it also has good weather resistance of heat, moisture, not sensitive to salt content gas; in the meantime, it is chemical stability and won't react to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and detergent. Adopting diffusion principle, with special treatment to the surface of metal foil makes the screen surface flat, clean and even curvature. Meanwhile, it can eliminate 90% of the false light. Thus, even in a bright room, it still keeps a bright image color and a clear image. The screen is of durable and can be used up to 10 years.


Visual wide, 360 degree spatial imaging performance, stereoscopic sensation; adopting high-tech presentation for projection image, fashion and shock.
Projection image is bright in color, clear picture, strong sense of space, strong visual impact.


Mainly used in science museums, planet exhibition hall, industry exhibition hall, showrooms, exhibition show, shopping malls, conference centers etc.



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